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We mulch residential as well as commercial properties. Upon mulching we prepare beds by edging, weeding and applying a pre-emergent herbicide to help prevent future growth.  Our shredded pine bark mulch is an all pine bark product. It is 100% natural with no additives which could be harmful to the environment or to humans. It darkens in color by the natural aging process of composting. Other assorted types of mulch as well as woodchips for playgrounds are available upon request. 

Trees and shrubs are pruned seasonally or upon customers’ request.  We prune trees up to 20 feet in height. This pricing includes   # of prunings. Pruning includes trimming, shaping, thinning, removing suckers and irregular growth, as well as staking, guying, and cabling any storm damaged trees or shrubs. We remove and recycle all debris from site unless specified otherwise.

We provide a weed control in plant beds, sidewalk, driveway, etc. with a granular pre-emergent completed during the spring maintenance and post emergent sprays such as round up. For hard to kill weeds such as purple and yellow nutsedges, may require additional applications at an additional cost.

Our leaf removal service is based on a per man hourly basis.  We used high powered blowers to effectively and efficiently complete the job in a timely manner.  Leaves are disposed of in wooded area on site, left curbside, or hauled off site to be recycled. 

Start up consists of turning on irrigation system and going through each cycle manually.  All heads will be checked for proper operation and the area checked for leaks.

Shut down consists of blowing out all lines clear of water with compressed air, and heads will be checked to assure proper seating for winter storage.


We also offer two assessments during the year to make sure system is watering zones properly and to check for any damaged sprinkler heads.

We provide tree and plant replacement upon customer request.  Majority of our replacements vary from thunderstorms, high winds, and snowstorms to insect infestation.  We provide you with our professional advice on replacement ideas to fit your needs and budget.

Price includes purchasing and installation of flowers. Flowers are planted biannually, once in summer and again in mid fall. Flower sizes and prices are on 6 ounce pots @ $7.30 each. Price also includes a one time watering. Please read guarantees and warranties below regarding plant material.

We provide a spring maintenance that includes plant bed edging, fertilization and pre-emergent herbicide, pruning, aeration of mulch, weeding and installation of mulch. All debris is hauled away to be recycled. 

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